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#66134 - 08/06/09 11:53 AM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Jeep Girl]
Mountain Ginger Offline

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yup, its in the "kitchen" area too. Directly across the room from the check in desk. Ya gotta mark your stuff though. Otherwise, its fair game or destine for the trash can =D
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#66138 - 08/06/09 12:30 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Kurt Wedberg]
Jeep Girl Offline

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thanks, much appreciated!!

#69019 - 10/06/09 07:00 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Kurt Wedberg]
melville1955 Offline

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Is there a lending library at the hostel? Many hostels, especially those that cater to a specific set of clients, have such. I can't remember. I think I saw a magazine rack, and a computer with web access, but don't know about a book rack.

If so, with all the serious climber traffic we are bound to see next weekend, I would encourage everyone to bring their old and used climbing books to the hostel.

If not, I guess I am volunteering to help with implementing something of that sort...

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#78248 - 07/11/10 08:50 AM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Kurt Wedberg]
Krishna. Offline

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We stayed in the hostel last year in July and really enjoyed our stay especially when Doug-Sr. took us on to the roof top (using the magic ladder) to watch the ISS and shuttle in the night sky.

This year Bruce and I would be coming back from the mountain, either on 11th or 12th depending on the state of my toes. Can we just walk in and hope to get 2 beds or if the hostel is full, can we just sleep somewhere near an AC outlet - will be happy to pay either way as we like it there or do you want us to make reservations for both days and would be no-shows if we cant make it on 11th? Need your help!

#85566 - 07/11/11 01:36 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Kurt Wedberg]
MCBBurton Offline

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We always stay at the hostel when we hike, and even when it's not Whitney. Just walked in yesterday, had three people in front of us for showers, paid my $5, and had a wonderfully relaxing 4 hour ride home after a 20 mile hike up and over Kearsarge Pass.

I know last July we walked in and grabbed two beds in the women's "dorm," which means you share rooms, and never had a worry.

Love this place! Thank you from all weary trail-tired hikers!

#86323 - 08/16/11 04:03 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: MCBBurton]
Richard M Offline

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I stayed in the hostel last Wednesday; we were a group of 4, so we got a room all to ourselves. I reserved ahead, and we got in late, so it was really nice knowing we could get into our room even after they lock the lobby at 10PM.

The room was very comfortable, with everything we needed and nothing we didn't (except maybe the TV). Okay, a bar of soap and a wash cloth would've been nice, but I should've thought ahead. I didn't get a chance to speak to Doug or any of the staff, so I was bummed about that, but this place is a real asset to hikers!

Thanks for a good night's sleep!

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#98395 - 08/18/14 01:06 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Richard M]
Shin Offline

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Hi Harvey and Stacy,
Rick G. and I had very nice staying at your new hostel over the weekend after our very hard hiking and climbing.
Thank you for your warm welcome.
We will be back next time.


#98396 - 08/18/14 01:25 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Shin]
Davey McCoy Offline

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Loc: United States

It was a pleasure having you come by and stay..

Jack and Betsy thanks for all the support while you were in Lone Pine.. Look forward to having you guys in January…

Karen S. Thank you for all the support around the Hostel.. Love it when folks from the past years come stay with us…

Happy Trails to all..

#98402 - 08/18/14 07:39 PM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Davey McCoy]
Akichow Offline

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The hotel/hostel is looking super spiffy! I loved my room, with its updated decor, super-soft bedding, and fantastic view of Whitney. I sat on the chair outside of my room to watch the sunset over the Sierra crest, and ended up having fun conversations with hikers as they passed through the veranda. And visiting with you and Tracy was a treat!

Thanks again for a lovely stay.

#102827 - 09/27/18 11:17 AM Re: Whitney Portal Hostel -- information [Re: Pokey92544]
thorn Offline

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i believe it was up to $7 now, still well worth it.. we finally tried out the showers after our hike and i can tell we will be using this facility a lot more in the future, also very conveniently located for Death Valley travelers...

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