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#102051 - 07/16/17 07:36 AM Trail conditions for Old Army
skunkpack Offline

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Loc: los angeles, ca
Just wanted to see if anyone knew if there was still snow/ice left at the pass. Looking to see if its doable without crampons or axe....thx

#102052 - 07/16/17 07:54 AM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: skunkpack]
hightinerary Offline

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Loc: Maryland
I'm sure Army Pass still has snow.

#102053 - 07/16/17 06:36 PM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: skunkpack]
Akichow Offline

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A lot of FB posts about this. According to reports, New Army Pass no longer has a cornice, but it has an almost vertical 15' wall of snow and ice that is turning back almost everyone. Some folks with ice axe/crampons have gone through.

#102054 - 07/17/17 03:55 AM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: Akichow]
hightinerary Offline

Registered: 01/02/03
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Loc: Maryland
...and Army Pass holds snow longer than New Army Pass.

#102055 - 07/17/17 08:21 AM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: hightinerary]
graham Offline

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At the top of New Army Pass (July 15 2017), there is a short section of steep snow of about 30-40'. Easy to go up, harder to go down

Old Army Pass (July 15, 2017) still has a significant hard-pack snow patch blocking the trail, and I wouldn’t recommend try this until it melts out

Hmmm...seems I forgot how to insert photos blush

Rest of the story and my photos at:

Also, I hadn’t seen this Mt Langley Sequoia NP regulations, about groups going to the summit are limited to 8 people. The NP Service also built the summit large rock cairns

#102138 - 08/13/17 08:24 AM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: graham]
burtw Offline

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Bumping this thread up. I'm waiting for info about when old, original Army pass becomes passable w/o crampons and ice ax.

#102167 - 08/23/17 09:07 AM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: burtw]
MattL Offline

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I just found the below update on the national park website:

Old Army Pass:
8/22 - Snow fields are avoidable with some class 3 scrambling. No gear necessary but extreme caution is still urged. Navigation skills are a must.This is an unmaintained trail.

New Army Pass:
8/22 - Clear of snow. No gear necessary

I'm heading to this area in a few days also, and although I like the shorter Army Pass route, I plan to go the safer New Army alternative unless the class 3 scrambles miraculously become class 2 in a few day's time.

#102265 - 09/27/17 10:33 AM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: skunkpack]
melville1955 Offline

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Loc: P-town, CA
Old Army Pass (September 25, 2017). It's in pretty good shape when I did it on yesterday's day hike to Langley, probably 1/2 dozen hikers used it each day this week, and although several landslides near the top, the trail bypassing them is quite well worn now.

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#102268 - 09/28/17 05:56 PM Re: Trail conditions for Old Army [Re: melville1955]
Kurt Wedberg Offline


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Great photo. It's amazing to see it be late September and so little evidence of fall color in the plant life. I've still seen wildflowers that are normally long gone by now. Thanks for the beautiful pic!
Kurt Wedberg


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