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#101453 - 09/19/16 07:10 AM Citizen Beware
DougClark Offline

Registered: 06/12/16
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Loc: CA
I got a lesson in making sure to read the fine print on our August 1 one-day hike up the main trail. The government red tape and maddening multiple steps to get a day pass is a lesson in perseverance.
Step one: Register for the lottery.
Step two: accept your spot if you win.
Step three: pay.
Don't miss STEP FOUR: CONFIRM that you really, really want the pass you've already paid for two weeks-two days before you hike date.
Step five: pick up your pass within two days of your hike.
Miss any of these steps and you lose your spot. There HAS to be a better way...
Doug Clark
San Diego

#101458 - 09/21/16 04:50 PM Re: Citizen Beware [Re: DougClark]
Dale Dalrymple Online   content

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Originally Posted By: DougClark
There HAS to be a better way...

Pick another peak that fewer of our friends and neighbors also want to hike.

Dale B. Dalrymple

#101503 - 10/14/16 12:20 AM Re: Citizen Beware [Re: Dale Dalrymple]
thorn Offline

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REALLY nice that they sneak that in this year without telling anyone. There was no "confirm" last year. I saw no sign of it anywhere on the site this year. Then i look for the phone number to call just in case we would be late picking up the permit and there on the recreation.gov site now i see the "confirm or else" .. they really could not make that harder to find, i got very lucky. The Ranger who issued my permit also said it was a terrible system.