John Muir Trail

The Essential Guide to Hiking America's Most Famous Trail
Elizabeth Wenk with Kathy Morey

This page provides access to an excel spreadsheet containing all UTM coordinates published in the book, John Muir Trail:  The essential guide to hiking America's most famous trail, a 2007 Wilderness Press publication by Elizabeth Wenk with Kathy Morey.  It includes coordinates for all trail junctions, all bear boxes along the trail, all ranger stations along the trail, and many campsites.  The UTM coordinates are given as both NAD27 and NAD83.  North-to-south and south-to-north distances are given, making the data easy to sort and search.

In addition, the spreadsheet contains a list of errata from the first printing.

I need to credit Roleigh Martin as the motivator for making this spreadsheet public.  He contacted me with a question about the JMT book last week and in the course of conversation indicated he was manually inputting all the UTM coordinates from the JMT book into his GPS.  Soon he had an electronic copy and now I have received permission from Wilderness Press to make the file public, hopefully saving others many hours of work.

As stated in the book, some of these coordinates are not perfect: in some areas I expect my readings for campsites are off by ~100 feet.

Finally, please contact me at wenk-dot-jmtbook-at-gmail-dot-com with corrections.


Note #1:  In order to view the contents of the spreadsheet, your computer must have software installed capable of reading a Microsoft Excel workbook file.

Note #2:  The downloadable file is an Excel Workbook containing three spreadsheets.  Be sure and look at each spreadsheet --- see the tab names at the bottom left hand side of the default spreadsheet.  Some viewers are only seeing the introduction spreadsheet and thinking the whole file is nothing more than an advertisement.  It is not.  The entire file contains a wealth of GPS and waypoint information.  You need to click on each tab at the bottom to navigate to the individual spreadsheets.

Click here to download the file EWenk_JMT.xls